The Positive Staff

The Positive Press is made possible by all our advertisers, sponsors, contributors and readers like you. Here are the people that help coordinate the whole effort:

John Groom

After graduating from Pomona College in California, John worked for several business organizations prior to going on his own as an entreprenuer. A published writer, John also published books written by others after attending New York University’s Summer Publishing Institute. He has been involved in a number of non-profit ventures, the most important of which is the founding of the Athens Institute, the organization that produces the Positive Press.

John Groom’s first published essay, (Thanksgiving Day: Timeto Count Blessings) had the theme of giving thanks for all thebenefits of modern society. Since that time he has written other essays for publications such as the Washington Post, Builder Magazine, Philanthopy, and Export Observer.

On the other side of the publishing table, John has published books selling thousands of copies and which have been reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Orange County Register and other major American publications. He was also involved in the Books for Eastern Europe Program which shipped tens of thousands of books to Poland and other Eastern European countries after the fall of the Berlin Wall. John is also the author of the most comprehensive study yet performed on the efforts of non-profits to influence public policy through communications and publishing programs.

But still, John wanted to do more to promote positive values and themes. In 1992, he founded the Athens Institute, based in Alexandria, Virginia. Last year, John and Athens undertook their most ambitious project yet, the Positive Press.

Even John was surprised at the immediate success the positive message found on the Internet. (See for example, CNNfn’s “Call it” and Reuters'”Web Site Spreads The ‘Good News'”. He is now looking forward to a long and exciting career promoting a positive community on-line.

Sherryl Stalinski
Positive Net Editor

Sherryl is the editor and moderator of the new Positive Net site produced by the Positive Press. Sherryl brings her years of experience as a grapic designer, writer and editor. She also works closely with non-profits, and currently is the Executive Director of the White Raven Ranch Project. Sherryl’s life focus has always been about developing healthy global communities through creativity, ingenuity and a positive perspective, and considers her work with Positive Net a natural extension of these goals. .

Chuck Meade

Chuck has been a software engineer for almost 14 years. He has aMaster’s Degree in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. Chuck, his wife, two children, and several horses share five acres in rural Virginia.

Virginia Miller

Virginia does the hard part — trying to find out which of America’s major corporations are interested in sponsoring or making donations to the Positive Press. She spends a lot of time at her Phoenix, Arizona base making phone calls and navigating the labrynith of corporate marketing and public affairs offices.

Chris Whitten

In Internet years (sort of like dog years), Chris has a fair amount of experience. After graduating from New York University in 1993, he started working as managing editor of a mail-order catalog book catalog for whom he developed a review e-mailing list and Web site. In 1995, Chris went to work on the Internet full-time. Chris now lives in Chicago and was recently married.