The Positive Point of View

The Positive Press was founded to highlight positive stories found in the mainstream media. By calling attention to these stories we wish to encourage more constructive and positive journalism. Although it is true that newspapers and magazines often seem to focus on the negative, editors and journalists simply believe that they are supplying the type of news which is in demand by the general public. We seek to demonstrate that there is a great demand for positive news.

To some extent the existing journalistic practice, exemplified by the trade cliche “if it bleeds, it leads” is a realistic response to the natural human fascination with tragedy and disaster. But many surveys support our belief that there is an unsatisfied demand for more positive news; stories highlighting the countless daily acts of human intelligence, ingenuity, resourcefulness, and generosity. And every day many such stories are written; but by the time you find the positive stories you may be deeply discouraged by all the negative news that you have to sift through to find the uplifting and inspirational stories. We sift the news for you; when you want to find the good news, you can come straight to the Positive Press.

We encourage readers of the Positive Press to regularly visit the Web sites of those magazines and newspapers which we feature on our site. If we find a positive story in a particular paper, there is a good chance that you will find more such stories at that Web site on other days.

Is The World Really Falling Apart?

Our position is that the prevailing media focus on the negative is neither constructive nor accurate. We believe that this focus on the negative tends to convince the general public that the state of humanity is in decline, and that disaster and catastrophe lurk just around the corner. This perspective contributes to a general attitude of cynicism and negativism that is not justified by the facts of reality.

As extensively documented in books such as “The State of Humanity,” the actual condition of people is, in almost all documentable areas, improving, if viewed from a long-term perspective. And yet most people think that the opposite is the case; that things are getting worse and worse. As Michael Gerber writes in “The E Myth”:

“Wars, famine, crime, violence, inflation, recession, a shifting of traditional forms of social interaction, the threat of nuclear proliferation, HIV, holocaust in all its horrific forms, are all communicated instantly and continuously to the fixated consumer, to all of us watching TV”.

Or as Alvin Toffler says in “The Third Wave”:

“Most people surveying the world around them today see only chaos. They suffer a sense of personal powerlessness and pointlessness.”

There are in fact, no more tragedies taking place around the world than in times past; as the Historical Perspective section demonstrates, probably fewer. But because communications technology has made quantum improvements in the last decades, the ability of news organizations to tell people about those tragedies has greatly improved. Hence you hear more stories about disaster. We hope that the Positive Press will play a major role in reversing that trend, and that the result will be a more balanced and positive view of the human condition.

Go with mean people, and you think life is mean. Then read Plutarch, and the world is a proud place, peopled with men of positive quality, with heroes and demigods standing round us, who will not let us sleep. They address the imagination: only poetry inspires poetry. They become the organic culture of the time.