The Future of Positive Net

The Positive Net is dedicated to increasing the awareness of all the good things that people from around the world are doing. Our first site, Positive Press, scours mainstream news sources to bring you daily stories of human strength, perseverance, kindness and ingenuity. There is also a Positive Saying of the Day and a Historical Perspective section to help us appreciate how much we have to be thankful for.

Established in July of 1996, Positive Press was selected by Yahoo as a site of the week on its fourth day in existence. In September, Reuters Wire service and the CNNfn Web site did very flattering stories about Positive Press, and generated other media coverage from around the world.

In October, John Groom, the publisher of Positive Press, was interviewed by Canadian National Radio, and the site was featured on CNN’s Headline News. Positive Press is free to readers, and also publishes a daily e-mail newsletter containing the Positive Saying of the Day as well as the positive stories of the day.

Our second site, Positive Net opened in November of 1997. This site features book excerpts, essays, and stories; all written from a positive perspective. We hope you’ll find inspiration and moral courage as you read the selections offered at Positive Net.

Positive Net is now developing a children’s version of Positive Press: Positive Net Kids. This site will help teachers and parents show their children how to use the Internet, while providing positive role models and showing kids all the good things that are happening in the world. The Athens Institute, which produces Positive Net, will also provide training to teachers to help them learn to use the Internet as a teaching tool.

Positive Net has lots of other positive things planned. We are working on a demonstration version of a site called Positive Chicago. This prototype is the first of the Positive Cities program, bringing you positive news about your home town.

If you or your corporation is interested in contributing, sponsoring or advertising on Positive Net, please click here or contact the publisher, John Groom.