The Athens Institute

The Athens Institute, Inc. is a nonprofit educational organization that is tax exempt pursuant to Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Virginia-based Institute was founded by John Groom in 1992 to help promote positive values.

A major focus of the Institute has been to study and encourage the improvement of the methods which nonprofit organizations use to communicate their message to the public, and the use of new technology in the communications programs of nonprofit organizations. The Athens Institute has published a study regarding these topics entitled “Publishing, Communications, and Public Policy, Volume 1: Public Policy and the Mass Media.” It is available for sale.

How to Contact The Positive Press and The Athens Institute:

The Positive Press
(703) 684-4483

The Athens Institute
(703) 684-3130

The Positive Press and The Athens Institute are located at the following address:

1800 Diagonal Road
Suite 600
Alexandria VA 22314

If you would like to support The Athens Institute and The Positive Press, please send your tax-deductible contributions to the above address.

The Officers and Directors of the Institute are:

John Groom, President, The Athens Institute
Alexandria, Virginia

John Blundell, General Director, Institute for Economic Affairs
London, England

Andrea Rich, President, Laissez Faire Books
New York, New York

Kristina Arriaga, Program Director, Beckett Fund
Washington D.C.