General News

What’s it like to discover something as important as a new moon? “It’s exciting” according to astronomer Jeff Larsen, who recently discovered a 17th moon orbiting Jupiter.

What does it mean to be an American? Sometimes it takes someone born in another country to appreciate freedom. Charlie “Two Shoes” Tsui dreamed of America since, as a 10 year-old boy, he was befriended by a company of US Marines at the close of World War Two.

Tsui’s belief in America was so strong that he served 7 years in a Chinese prison rather than renounce the US. Now, after dreaming for 55 years, Tsui has finally become an American citizen.

Think people are selfish? Think again – one in four indicated that they would consider giving an organ, while still alive, to help a stranger in need. 90% say they would consider such a donation to save a family member.

Who’s the strongest kid in the country? Sixth grader Ronald Perry won the Sunny Delight Strongest Kid in America Try-athlon and a $10,000 college scholarship after judges determined that he had the winning combination of physical, mental, and moral strengths.